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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The UN Battle of Ideas: Within and Beyond its Doors

Netanyahu slams UN over flotilla report,7340,L-3959025,00.html

Officials: Palestinians will consider freeze compromise

Egypt envoy to IAEA: Israel's stand on nukes is a 'chutzpah' - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel

ABC News: Guarding Iran's President Ahmadinejad, the Most Hated Man in New York

Iran drops bid for seat on UN atomic agency board: diplomats

Ahmadinejad: US orchestrated 9/11 to save Zionist regime via @AddToAny

Turkey says its banks not violating U.N. Iran sanctions

Dobroyeutro U.N. Diplomat Found Bronx apt...throat cut...was to leave for #UN General Assembly meeting

Premier Wen expounds "real China" at UN debate

BBC News - Stuxnet worm 'targeted high-value Iranian assets'

Israel’s sale of UAVs to Russia in doubt after Syria deal

Christian Persecution Inspires Birth of New Campus Group (

Unbelievable! Group protests Christian concert at Fort Bragg

Syria, Armenia to Boost Media and Cultural Cooperation

Muslim Brotherhood: we plan to participate in Egypt polls

The Daily Star - Politics - Berlusconi will ask EU to pressure Israel on settlements
Netanyahu upset by Clinton's comments about Israeli Russians

DPalSahwa Attack on peacekeepers in Mogadishu

BBC News - Somali radio reporters walk out after Islamist takeover

Al-Qaeda warns France not to try rescuing hostages: SITE

China never pursues surplus in trade, says Chinese premier

RT @TelegraphNews China "places unofficial ban" on key metals exports to Japan - Telegraph

nigroeneveld  Why Is the U.S. Is Rehearsing for a Chinese Invasion of Japan? More #china #japan #military

Factbox: Foreign companies stepping away from Iran

Moscow pledges not to sever military ties with Tehran

Shelley Berkley fighting $60 billion weapons sale to Saudis

BBC News - Putin plays down talk of battle for Arctic resources

RantsbyRemnant  RT @TheBeowulf: European Muslim Brotherhood Opposes Mideast Peace Negotiations #Islam #Terrorism

Texas school board debates 'pro-Islamic' bias in textbooks

U.S., Caught Off Guard by New Tensions With China, Cultivates Back-Channel Ties

RT @Heritage The U.N. Wants to Tax the World Out of Poverty | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

A Video Summary on the Issues Against Obama on Bob Woodward's New Book

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili on Afghanistan, Russia and Iran

Europe on high alert for Al Qaeda suicide attacks on transport hubs

U.S. officials sound alarm on home-grown terrorism


Halal Britain: Schools and institutions serving up ritually slaughtered meat

Chanting “USA” at a Football Game is Offensive to Muslims…

China Goes Public on Pakistani Reactor Plans

New opportunities exist in resolving Iranian nuclear issue: Chinese FM

dominionpundit Italy: ‘Burqa Ban’ Debate Back in Spotlight

ADL dubs Clinton's Russian immigration remark 'amateur analysis',7340,L-3958790,00.html

Premier: China will not yield to U.S. pressure - #cnn

US working to continue military aid to Lebanon: official

Russia Ends Talk of Missile Sale to Iran