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Friday, December 9, 2011

Germany Aims to Impose its Will on a Weakened Europe

If someone in Europe outside of Germany in the 1950s or even earlier that that time travelled in the year 2011, he or she will be terrified of what is happening now. Germany is doing or has probably done what it cannot do in WW1 and WW2 and that is to be able to have control on its neighboring European countries and this time seemingly with the cooperation of long-time geopolitical rival.

This week Germany has relegated the UK to the sidelines and able to impose its policies in the Eurozone.

"Europe’s worst financial crisis in generations is forging a new European Union, pushing Britain to the sidelines and creating a more integrated, fiscally disciplined core of nations under the auspices of a resurgent Germany."

"The agreement was a clear victory for Mrs. Merkel, and it prompted a sharp rally in stock markets in Europe and the United States.

"The European Union emerged in its current form in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a French-German idea to bind the region in the aftermath of the Soviet collapse. It is now being reinvented by a united Germany that has grown disillusioned by what it considers as debt-happy neighbors and is no longer reticent about wielding its economic and political clout."

Source: The New York Times

In the history of Europe, the nations now involved in this drama has always been afraid of a United Germany.  the The Berlin Wall came down about 20 years ago which is a good thing, now Germany is united and a European power. This may sound ok to to ohers since Germany is a democracy anyway and a progressive country. But to the man who time travelled from the 1940s this could be chilling stuff.

In fact a year ago today, present German Chancellor, Angela merkel admitted that multicultarilism is an utter failure.

"Speaking to a meeting of young members of her Christian Democratic Union party, Merkel said the idea of people from different cultural backgrounds living happily "side by side" did not work."

Source: The Guardian

For the time traveling European man, this is German nationalism rearing its ugly head again. But in this case, I can hardly blame Germany this time since radical Muslims have indeed abused the generosity of Germany and has been used it to be a base to plan terror attacks.

This is not a knack on the German people and the present leadership but the environment is ripening that another push for German nationalism is in the offing and history has shown it has not been very good for Europe whenever Germany goes to this route.  We should be very careful of the next generation of leaders that come out after Merkel. The seeds are beginning to be planted again when Germany may see no way but to impose its will once again.