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Friday, December 9, 2011

Huawei's Deception on the Iranian Issue

The Wall Street Journal just recently posted a news item about China's Huawei seemingly moving away from Iran as a place for business. But actually even just browsing a few words it will show that it is no-news item at all. So-called activists hailed this "momentous" decision as if it was some sort of milestone victory for peace loving people all around the world.

"Chinese telecommunications- equipment maker Huawei Technologies Co. said it will scale back its business in Iran, where the company provides services to government-controlled telecom operators, following reports that Iranian police were using mobile-network technology to track down and arrest dissidents."

"Shenzhen-based Huawei will "voluntarily restrict its business development there by no longer seeking new customers and limiting its business activities with existing customers," according to a statement Friday on the company's website."

"Activists hailed the company's decision, noting it was the first time a major Chinese company had decided to scale back its business in Iran."

Source: WSJ

What it these so-called existing customers are the trouble makers in the first place and are the one using Huawei products to advance or assist Iran's monitoring of dissidents? The tools are there to begin with and Huewei will keep on doing supplying more to the Iranian regime since they are a present customer.
It seems this is just some double talk to appease everyone, the activists and the Iranian government.