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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Dubai Series Part 1 - Was it the Mossad?

We will have a new series, more of a Q&A about the issues of the Dubai Assassination. Our objective is to look at it from different angles. Let us start with the argument that it was the Mossad who did the assassination. Here are the reasons for this statement:
  1. Israel is not denying or confirming anything. Or they just want to keep the mystery of the Mossad operations?
  2. This is how they operate. But one can also say that the CIA operates similarly as well. They exchange notes.
  3. The videos and software technology is proof. Though recent news show that the Dubai police now has some doubts.
  4. Only Israel has a motive unless the Fatah has such capability to do the job. (added from the Twitter list)
  • Next will be the arguments that It Wasn't Mossad at all.