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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Goldstone Report: The Fruit of Fallacy?

I do hope that Richard Goldstone was just misquoted or misunderstood by the author here when he says that indeed Israel is being singled out because it must adhere to a higher standard. Here is the explanation by Philip Weiss of Goldstone's speech:

If Israel considers itself a democratic nation, then it must not complain if it is held to a higher standard. Later, in the reception room, I heard him say to an Israeli who was angry about being singled out, Look, if a priest hurts someone, we go after the case because we hold the priest to a higher standard. I don’t have the quote right; but that was the judge’s point.


Goldstone knows the law very well and when did the law became prejudice to anybody? That is the reason why the symbolism is a lady of justice with a blind fold on her. So you mean now that the law should treat someone differently according to his or her preferred way of life? Isn't this a travesty of justice? You mean selective application of the law is the correct jurisprudence these days?

What happens when you present this to the UN wherein there will be nations voting there who are against Israel who you require at a higher standard? The ones voting now is just require to submit to a lower standard whatever that might be?