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Monday, March 8, 2010

Does the US Gov't Really Understand the Middle East Scenario?

Two articles that came out today makes you think if this US administration is really getting a true grip of what is happening int he Arab-Israeli conflict. One analyst says that Bidden has come a year late after the Obama messed oaround with diplomatic talks for a year.

With so much attention, it's a shame he's arriving a year late - a year which his boss, President Barack Obama, wasted on fruitless diplomatic moves that only further compromised the shaky stature of the United States in the Middle East.
Source: "Biden's Israel visit is a year too late" By Aluf Benn

I think that some diplomatic move is always better than having non at all since you don't know what can really come out of these talks. But to spend a year and now have a shaky position not just for the US but for the rest of the world was too much of a risk to take. If they truly understand the goals of Iran they would not have taken a year to bring them to the table and talk. Four months would have been an eternity.

Another troubling development is President Obama's demeanor when it comes to the possible Israeli and Palestinian talks in this report from the Debkafile.

The US president, he said, was out of patience with the two sides' objections, gripes and maneuvers.

I mean the government has waited for Iran for a year and they can't wait for a few weeks for Israel and Palestine to get together? It will be a great accomplishment just to have them on the table again for months and we are now hearing it is a matter of days away.

It is puzzling that you can wait for someone who has no intention to talk but want to hurry up two parties who really want a peaceful breakthrough but are walking on egg shells to pacify everybody.