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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Evidence for Israel 1 - The Historical Map

I was thinking of one article providing evidences of the legitimacy of Israel occupying its present land. But the mountain of evidences will not do justice to the argument if I would compress it into such a short post. There has been a lot of campaign in recent years not only from radical Islam but even from the secular media of twisting history saying that Israel was never present in this land at all.

We will in this series not only argue on the point of history and ideas but we will show evidence that is undeniable and without debate. These will be evidences set in stone.

First of we will argue via video at the point of history. Here is a good video from ColonieRabbi on the transformation of the present land of Israel and its occupiers. If one is to deny the ancient existence of Israel, all scholars should also deny the existence of the kingdoms that occupied this land.