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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Q: Do The Palestinians Own The Present Day Land of Israel?

Let us first answer who were the occupiers of this land when the Israelites came. The first occupiers were not the Palestinians, they were the Canaanites. The present Palestinians are not Canaanites since thelatter is now non-existent. The Palestinians are Arabs and they were living in territories like Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia during that time when the Canaanites ruled the land.

The Arabs will then embrace Islam and that religion will be found in Saudi Arabia, specifically in Mecca. So in essence, if Muslims have a land that they can truly call their own, it is Saudi Arabia and they have that right now! Plus Saudi Arabia is much much bigger than Israel!

Historically, some will say that the Ottoman Empire, who were Muslims, were the occupiers of the land that Israel is now on. But again, they only invaded this land and were not originally theirs as well but was under Byzantine leadership.

Still others will argue that this land was taken away by the British from the Ottoman Empire so it still should be a Muslim state. But since the British already annexed the land, they did as they pleased and when they surrendered it, to make a peaceful exit, they partitioned it among the Jews (who were already there) and the Palestinians (who were also present in that land). The British were fine with the partition. The Jews accepted it as well and even celebrated by declaring independence. It was only the Palestinians who rejected it and went to war with Israel in 1948.

In essence, if there is a group who should be happy with a partition, it should be the Palestinians but in an interesting twist, they were the ones who rejected the plan.