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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stratfor's US-Iran Deal Scenario: The American Cop-Out

Source: By George Friedman

I do not agree with all their analysis but I admit that I am a big Stratfor fan. I read news with a Biblical lens and their analysis is as close as I can get from an unbiased source. It educates me and keeps me thinking.

Just now however; I was reading their possible scenario for a resolution to the Iran-US conflict over nuclear weapons. And at first I thought the analysis was pretty but it was and will be dead wrong!

While reading it, as I saw where all this is going, I was cringing in my stomach on how wrong this is. I couldn't imagine it will all end with a scenario of the US and Iran having a deal for their mutual geopolitical and economic benefit. I am not a fan of war but how can the United States deal with a regime with evil intentions and who wants to annihilate both Israel and the United States.

On second thought however, this could be a simple practical solution to what boggles the mind of prophecy enthusiasts on why the United States is not mentioned in the Gog of Magog War in the Bible.

It does seem that the US is almost at a stale mate here with this Iranian regime. With only UN sanctions and possibly just puny ones at the table, Iran will be free from serious repercussions or Israel will again strike first and that will be a disaster. Scenarios that will not do any good for the United States. But by having the deal both the US and Iran will have continuous flow of oil from the Strait of Hormuz, plus counterbalance the political forces in the region.

If all these happens and the US is all comfortable, why would they then come to the rescue of Israel when Russia, Persia and their allies decide to attack the Jewish nation. In a world fast growing into an Anti-Semitic one, it is easy to accuse Israel of anything at that point.

The US at that time will turn a blind eye to a friend since it will not serve its interest anymore.

The analysis was a stroke of genius as usual!