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Friday, April 2, 2010

Is Islam Seen as Above All Government Laws?

There has been a lot of reports and analysis lately of Europe's growing confusion with Islam as story after story of conflict between hardcore Muslims and European governments and even that of the United States, as regards to the compatibility of Islam to Western laws.

I have great respect for Muslims who are living peacefully with people of other faith and one must take into account that the following analysis is that of one man. But could it be that this is how radical Islam supporters sees the world and governments around them.

In his essay Joseph Myers quotes Allah Bukhsh K. Brohi, a former Pakistani ambassador to India.

'In Islam, of course, no nation is sovereign since Allah alone is the only sovereign in Whom all authority vests.'

Again this is an analysis of just one man, but if this is indeed the way radical Islam sees Western governments in every facet of their lives then this is indeed disturbing. At the same time however, this could be a way for governments to gauge if certain people are being radicalized.

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