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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

UK Not Making Any Sense When It Comes to Israel

This is what sensitivity to political correctness can do for you. It blinds you of all logic in the world. Take into consideration this latest pronouncement by a British government agency:

The British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) criticized Israel for including pictures of the Western Wall in a tourism advertisement, claiming that the holy site is technically not located within the country's borders, the Independent reported Wednesday.

Two things to consider here about the Western Wall.

1. Who controls the Western Wall right now? Didn't Israel annexed the Western Wall during the Six Day War? So this is considered Israel territory now. The article says that the area wherein the Wall is located is a disputed one. True but the dispute hasn't been settled yet and at this time Israel is controlling it. So putting the picture of the Wailing Wall at the brochure is but right.

2. Let's say that for political correctness that indeed the Wall is "disputed". Does it mean that if you go to Jerusalem you can't go there? This is the main point of the tourism ministry of Israel. A point entirely and the most realistically accurate of all.

It is just sad that the United Kingdom had fallen from such a lofty position in world affairs whose main local and foreign policy now is centered on appeasing radical Islam within and beyond its borders.