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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who Will the United States and Israel Talk To?

It is almost certain the United States wants to force the issue in the Middle East peace process. One point of conflict in the tension between Israel and Palestinians is the Gaza Strip. The Gaza Strip is now controlled by Hamas. If the US or Israel negotiate with Hamas, then they will be seen as encouraging the illegal activities of this group with gets its revenues for basic services through smuggling of goods.

The Islamists are secretive about the sources of their money, but they are believed to get large sums from Iran and a network of Hamas supporters abroad, with cash smuggled through a network of tunnels under Gaza's border with Egypt.
source: Associated Press

If Hamas does get its say in the Gaza Strip what will happen to its smuggling crimes? What about its smuggling crimes against Egypt and its connections with Iran? If one overlooks this what will this show to the international community? That it is ok to commit illegal acts since once you are strong enough, your opponents will just make peace at the cost of justice?