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Monday, September 20, 2010

As Expected Israeli and Palestinian Peace Talks Collapsing and more stories

PM: Palestinians must recognize Israel as Jewish state,7340,L-3957890,00.html

Abbas: Israel can call itself Jewish-Zionist empire,7340,L-3957902,00.html

U.S. worried talks will collapse if building freeze issue not resolved - Haaretz

PM hints at placing IDF forces in PA state after any deal

Pakistani Official: "Huge" Suffering after Flood - CBS Evening News

Turkey says to increase armed security on pipelines

'Israel's situation in Europe extremely dire',7340,L-3956929,00.html

Dobroyeutro #Czech Republic Seeks #Nuclear Partner - The Wall Street Journal -

Letter containing white powder sent to Turkish Embassy,7340,L-3957183,00.html

Peres: Ahmadinejad is ‘a living declaration against the UN'

New Blog Post - Beyond the Dailies - The Venezuelan Nuclear Ambition

IDF fires at Lebanese soldiers on border,7340,L-3957870,00.html

Israel seeks release of spy in exchange for extending settlement freeze

RT @TelegraphNews Russian jets buzz US navy frigate in Arctic in Cold War-style show of force - Te..

Disappointed Supporters Question Obama

Danish Justice Ministry rejected Moscow's extradition of exiled Chechen leader

Polish Frees Chechen Leader After Short Arrest

Russia's Conspiracy Channel - The Independent

RT @TelegraphNews Beware of Russia, Britain is warned by jailed oligarch - Telegraph

Russia's FSO surrenders website; Putin may return in 2012

In Gaza, support for Hamas wanes

RT @rt_com Russia does not plan to deploy troops in Arctic – envoy - RT Top Stories

Haitians Cry in Letters: ‘Please — Do Something!’

British Man With Possible Terror Ties Arrested at Amsterdam Airport

Bangladesh: 585 people contracted anthrax since August - Israel News, Ynetnews,7340,L-3957180,00.html

RT @Heritage Poverty Explodes, Root Cause Is the Collapse of Marriage | The Foundry: Conservative ..

RT @USATODAY France raises terror threat, increases security

Mayor Luzkhov's wife rails against "Stalinist" campaign

Israel angered over Russian plan to sell Syria missiles

United States vs. China / Dollar vs. Yuan -- Seeking Alpha
Israel bids to end global oil dependency by 2020 - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News,7340,L-3957180,00.html

'Hamas planned to abduct bodies of Israeli terror victims in West Bank' -,7340,L-3957180,00.html

'Europe damaged by submission to US':
Ahmadinejad: Iran becoming only world power besides US . 

(So Russia and China are chopped liver now?)

Hizballah mobilizies for a coup in Beirut, backed by Iran and Syria

The Barna Group - How Teenagers’ Faith Practices are Changing
Women in Egypt get hi-tech aid to beat sexual harassment
Burnham couple’s Abu-Sayyaf kidnapper gunned down
After pressure test, government pronounces BP oil well dead - (via @BostonUpdate)

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