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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cyber War Takes Center Stage and Other Developments

Iran struggling to contain foreign-made computer worm -

RT @tweetmeme 'Computer virus in Iran actually targeted larger nuclear facility' - Haaretz Daily N..

Cyber takes centre stage in Israel's war strategy

CIA allegedly bought flawed software for attacks | InSecurity Complex - CNET News via @cnet

DAWN.COM | World | CIA ups drone strikes over Europe attacks plot: report

BreakingNews Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales slams WikiLeaks over release of Afghan war documents, says it's 'not a Wiki' - AFP

BBC News - Extremist websites skyrocketing, says Interpol

Dobroyeutro Robots are changing the face of war: analyst (via @abcnews) - #drones

jayhussey Two trucks found in Baghdad – one full of explosives, the other full of dollars: ...via MEMRI:

BBC News - Israeli FM Lieberman's UN speech 'not cleared with PM'

Webecz #world BBC News - Norway terror suspects 'plotted cartoon attacks'

Brazil's finance minister warns of international 'currency war' - International Business Times

BBC News - US missile strike 'kills al-Qaeda chief' in Pakistan

Greece searches ship for North Korean arms - source

We are closely monitoring what is happening on the other side of the border

Terrorist Attacks ‘Surpassed the Number and Pace of Attacks During any Year Since 9/11′:

Hamid Karzai in tearful plea for peace with Taliban

Moscow mayor quits ruling party after being sacked

Iran - to pay $92m for 1983 Beirut bombing

Iraqi President: U.S., Iran Both Prefer Al-Maliki – Without Coordinating

Top US commander in Iraq holds security talks with Turkey,7340,L-3961367,00.html
Arabs from north accused of recruiting for Hamas,7340,L-3961581,00.html

2 Druse charged with contacting Syrian intelligence

Syrian leader Assad to visit Iran next month 'to tighten ties',7340,L-3961713,00.html

PM says will meet Abbas in Paris, but PA yet to agree

Arafat ordered Hamas attacks against Israel in 2000

Israel Navy peacefully takes over Gaza-bound activist boat

RT @TelegraphNews Trained monkeys guard athletes at Commonwealth Games - Telegraph

Symbolic Gesture: Ahmadinejad to throw stone towards Israel,7340,L-3961362,00.html

RT @USATODAY China's aggressive posture stuns Japan, experts

Shell increases oil trade with Iran – despite sanctions via @guardian

Abbas: 'If building continues we will have to stop talks'

BBC News - Israel warship 'trails' Gaza blockade-busting aid boat

RT @tweetmeme Has Israel turned into a natural gas superpower? - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel ..

Eurocopter unveils new-look helicopter

US warns Syria: Don't destabilize Iraq, Lebanon,7340,L-3961311,00.html

3-China tells Japan not to interfere in disputed isles

RT @tweetmeme Vice PM: Settlement freeze was a mistake - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

RT @tweetmeme Netanyahu seen unlikely to accept U.S. compromise in Mideast talks - Haaretz Daily N..

Russian president fires Moscow's pro-Putin mayor

Video Wires 4: President Shimon Peres Talks About Iran