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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Iran Continues on Media Offensive and Much More Plus We Got Videos

Iran slams IAEA: 'Report violates domain of activities'

Barak: History will judge US policy on Iran,7340,L-3958016,00.html

Barak: Iran could reach nuclear capabilities with 2 years

Iranian military chief: Israeli strike on Iran would be crazy move,7340,L-3957236,00.html

Iran, Turkey to cooperate on cars and trips to space

Bill Clinton: 50:50 chance for peace in Middle East,7340,L-3958434,00.html

'Hamas will be held accountable,' Ashkenazi tells 'Post'

Libyan aid flotilla plans to leave for Gaza Strip via @AddToAny

Egypt arrests senior Hamas official, group says,7340,L-3958144,00.html

US to Palestinians: Don't attack Netanyahu,7340,L-3958048,00.html

Tens of thousands protest against German nuclear plan

Powell: Obama is losing his ability to connect

Obama to deliver 'forceful message' at UN Sudan talks

Sweden's newly elected party: far-right, pro-Israel, a bane for local Jews - Haaretz Daily

China says inappropriate for Wen to meet Japan leader

Nine ISAF members killed in Afghanistan - #cnn