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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

News Summary: Japan Central Bank Keeps the Yen Down and is Turkey Receiving Money from Iran?

Japan Will Soon Finance U.S. Debt

Analysis: Japan yen tactic muddles bid to drive yuan up

Russia and Norway resolve Arctic border dispute

RT @TelegraphNews Iran donates $25 million to Turkey's ruling party - Telegraph

From snapper to FBI spy - One News Page -

Who might be hacking your BlackBerry?

Mysterious death of a Russian spy chief -… via @upi_top

U.S. Embassy in Jordan warns against travel to Aqaba - #cnn

'Arrangements' by Oman led to Iran's release of Shourd: US

Hamas shuts restaurant that lets woman smoke pipe via @AddToAny

Japan yen sale seen crossing 2 trillion: Nikkei

Salvation Through Jesus Christ -- Steps to Peace with God

BBC News - Israel rewards nanny who saved boy in Mumbai attacks

Iran, Africa pledge tighter ties during summit - #cnn

Christian tourism fuels record-breaking growth in Israel

RT @jtanews Christian aid group helps Israeli families | JTA - Jewish & Israel News

After China bought lots of Japanese debt, Japan intervenes to weaken yen - #cnn