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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Battle for Oil While Nigeria, Yemen, Somalia and NATO Fight Terrorists

After Israeli gas finds, Iran to aid Lebanon exploration

The scramble for East Mediterranean gas is on

Hamas Makes a Buck off Gaza's Smuggled Gasoline

MrHappy4870 RT @MEMRIUrdu Indian Mujahideen Threatens To Launch Biological War: #Afghanistan #tcot #terrorism

BBCNews_UK  #BBCNEWS Militant charged for Nigeria bomb: Oil militant Henry Okah is charged in South Africa in connection...

AFP: Over 5,000 former Nigerian rebels rehabilitated: official

Yemeni conflict worries UNICEF - via @upi_top
Yemen judge threatened in court by Al-Qaeda suspects
Somali forces advance into insurgent positions: witnesses

Attackers in Pakistan hit another convoy carrying fuel for NATO troops - #cnn

IAI Introduces: Panther UAV – Electrically Powered Tilt-Rotor VT-UAV - Defense-Update

Extending Israeli Construction Freeze Is `Very Difficult,' Steinitz Says - Bloomberg

Life Inc. - Watching the U.S. fall apart ... in glorious hi-def

Japan PM and Chinese premier meet, to start talks

AFP: Lebanon heading toward crisis over Hariri case

Here's Why The Kremlin HAD To Fire Mayor Luzhkov

IsraelNewsfeed  Muslim Journalist: Jerusalem Arabs Prefer Israeli Sovereignty:

AFP: Syria accuses teen blogger of being American spy: report

Russian experts flee Iran, escape dragnet for cyber worm smugglers

Intellicept 3: How Deadly is the Stuxnet virus and How Does it Work in layman's terms?

On-Trial Suspect Says Intelligence Arranged for Him to Join Al-Qaeda

Syria seeks arrests over Hariri probe,7340,L-3963550,00.html

Mitchell: Neither side wants to stop direct talks

Intellicept 3: Special: More on the European Terror Warnings. More Collection of links