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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Deception Continues in the Middle East and in the West Plus More Stories

AFP: Iranian and Hezbollah leaders to appear together at rally

slkbrooke American Islamic College Reopens~Linked to Saudi Arabia & Global Muslim Brotherhood #tcot

This is a good one! Part 2 of the Muslim Brotherhood Discussion and Other News

 Iran can export weapons to over 50 countries: minister\10\07\story_7-10-2010_pg20_1

Report: Pakistan Spy Agency Urging Taliban to Fight U.S. -

Pakistan trained terrorists to fight India: Musharraf - The Times of India

The Daily Star - Politics - UN again urges Israel to stop overflights, mock air raids

Al Qaeda is a bigger threat today than 10 years ago, says terrorism expert,,6087974,00.html

Russia on Thursday successfully tested its new nuclear-capable Bulava intercontinental missile

Russia, U.S. at odds on Kyrgyzstan's future

sonaliranade Economic WarGames & simunlations show that China would hurt the US more in a trade war | LA Times - @Vikram_Sood

U.S. ramps up China currency fight

Israel signs agreement to buy F-35 jets from US,7340,L-3966219,00.html

Iran, Belarus to boost trade to $1b

U.S. Telemedicine Leaders Participate in First Iranian Telemedicine Symposium - Business Wire -

Iranian President Downplays Turmoil On Foreign Exchange Market - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty © 2010

Jerusalem_Post Report: American Jew charged with trying to spy: Elliot Doxer, 42, allegedly wanted to "help our homeland," gave c...

Turkey urges strong trade ties with Iran

Turkey to open trade office in Ramallah,7340,L-3965305,00.html

Egypt gives conditions for entry of international Gaza-bound aid - Times LIVE

Poland supports Turkey’s EU accession bid - :: News from Poland

Iraq says foreign intervention hinders new government formations

Pakistan Crossing Remains Shut to NATO Trucks After U.S. Apology - BusinessWeek

BBC News - Nato says Afghan campaign 'unimpeded' by Pakistan row

ValdaiClub Can Russia succeed where South Africa has failed? The Algerian connection #military #weapon