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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Few Disturbing Security Developments in the US and Other News

gpollowitz RT @foxnewspolitics: Military: Power Outage at Nuke Site Shut Down 50 Missiles

slkbrooke RT @pepper_10 @filterednews: Air Force: Teams working to isolate ICBM glitch -AP News #tcot #military

FBI links shots fired at Pentagon, Marine museum via @washingtonpost

Terror arrest: Man snared in terrorist trap, arrested -

Wikileaks should be treated as enemy combatants

U.S. targets front companies for Iran shipping line

Obama Tries to Restart Nuclear-Fuel Talks With Iran -

nigroeneveld Unleash the iPads of War! (Wired Danger Room) #ipad #military

slkbrooke Army vows to change way it buys weapons #military #army

Clinton to visit China in coming Asia trip - #cnn

Shrinking bank revenue signals growth worries - The Economic Times -