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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is France Succumbing to Bin Laden's Threat And China Shows its Iron Hand Again Plus More News

Bin Laden tape is real, French say - #cnn

France to become first Nato nation to hand over control to Afghan forces - Telegraph

cnnbrk Minister: #French troops may withdraw from #Afghanistan in 2011.
Was China behind cyber attack on Nobel Peace Prize website? via @AddThis

slkbrooke Daughter of missing China dissident seeks US help -Yahoo #tcot

Clinton to Press China on Rare Earth -

China slows Iran oil work as U.S. energy ties warm

RT @tweetmeme US agencies don’t track billions in Afghan spending | The Daily Caller - Breaking Ne..
US: new Iran nuclear proposal would have tougher terms
RT @httweets Nigeria seized weapons shipment believed to be came from Iran was stopped in India - Hindustan Times

Pak-American held for US metro bomb plot - The Times of India via @timesofindia
EU leaders back treaty change to ward off crises

Assad: No indication Syria-Israel peace talks will resume soon

Russia confirms it won't supply Iran with prohibited arms

Bahrain tries 27 suspected Shiite militants
Ehud Netzer, archeologist who located Herod's tomb, dies at 76 - Haaretz

Hamas: Israel will pay high price for entering Gaza,7340,L-3976538,00.html
VeraFortune RT @TzionE: Nigeria intercepts 13 Iran missile container destined for Gaza - - Wow! Nice catch. #Israel #terror #tcot
India, Malaysia agree to enhance cooperation to counter terrorism
Jerusalem_Post Fayyad: PA will declare independent state in August 2011: Palestinian Authority PM tells Italian newspaper: Israel...

Hoping this is false - "Hotel Rwanda" hero implicated in terrorism case
The Geopolitical Importance of Tajikistan and Central Asia's Fergana Valley

BBC News - 'Eleven militants killed' in Pakistan drone attack

Russian military could be drawn back into Afghanistan via @guardian
PA against persuading Hamas to join peace process - U.S. Airstrikes in Pakistan Kill 14 in 24 Hours

declanm Israeli security expert on "useless" body scanners:I can smuggle through "enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747"