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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

News on Israel: Espionage Dominate Israeli News

Plea bargain in Makhoul spy case?,7340,L-3975455,00.html

Kam affair: Police question Haaretz reporter,7340,L-3975453,00.html

Shin Bet supports stripping convicted terrorists' citizenship,7340,L-3975309,00.html
former Shin bet chief cancels Spain trip for fear of arrest,7340,L-3975066,00.html

Tacticalblur Iran training Taliban fighters to use surface-to-air missiles | Washington Examiner via @AddThis

Syria to UN: Stop Israel from stealing Golan water,7340,L-3975201,00.html

Palestinian surveys have been wrong before - Abbas enjoys support of young Palestinians - Haaretz

VeraFortune RT @rodneystack: UN again misrepresents internatl law in criticism of Israel: #Israel #Gaza #tcot

Turkish “peace” activists pose holding weapons and rocket launchers with terrorists in Gaza

Jerusalem_Post 'Hizbullah operatives now manufacturing missiles in Syria': French daily 'Le Figaro' reveals new information on mi...

AFP: Palestinians thank Saudi for 100 million dollars in aid