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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Political Economy Update: Iran Continues to Fight Sanctions While China Tightens Grip on Rare Earths

Iran secretly trying to establish banks in Muslim nations via @washingtonpost

American Iran Embargo Thwarted as Smugglers Ship Made-In-USA - Bloomberg

RT @tweetmeme Iran's carpet industry floored by U.S. sanctions - Wire - Lifestyle - bellinghamhera..

FACTBOX-Foreign companies stepping away from Iran

China Rare Earth Exports to Japan Still Halted - ABC News

China May Be Drilling in East China Sea Near Disputed Islands, Japan Says - Bloomberg

West has unreasonable rare earth demands -China paper

oilrigjobs China Said to Widen Its Embargo of Minerals *Rare Earth Elements Stock Alerts GWMGF.PK, UURAF.PK & MLLOF.PK

FACTBOX-Foreign companies stepping away from Iran

Turkey rebuffs U.S. pressure to slash trade with Iran,0,6885916.story

Shiite support, oil deals place Maliki over his rivals