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Monday, October 25, 2010

Suspected Guantanamo Terrorist Could Possibly Be Freed and Other War on Terror News

Guantanamo terrorism suspect may get plea deal

Serving time in Canada would give Omar Khadr a better chance of parole via @globeandmail

Somali fighters display soldier's body in Mogadishu

Iranian Protestant pastor, held in prison for months, risks death penalty for apostasy « Persecution News

Execution of Iranian Pastor Temporarily Delayed - World -
Video urges Detroit area Muslims to attack

New video messages from militant cleric, U.S.-born al Qaeda spokesman - #cnn

Iran plans to load fuel into Bushehr nuclear reactor

RapturReadyNews EU Discusses Closer Ties with Syria Despite Terror Axis (SYRIA /ROME TIES TOO- MED UNION -WATCH 4 ISRAEL/ENP/ "PEACE"

Rep. Weiner Urges YouTube to Remove Videos Inciting Terrorism