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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Terror Concerns Over the Weekend

Sad: 3 posts ago it was just a warning to Nigeria and now it was done. Telegraph

Europe travel alert: U.S. issues alert for all of Europe -

30,000 Yemeni soldiers to guard Gulf Cup amid al-Qaida fears

Somali rebel merger talks halt but will go on: leader

Accomplice of Times Square plotter arrested in Pakistan - Hindustan Times via @AddThis

U.S. Apologizes for Syphilis Experiment in Guatemala

Yemen as much a threat as Afghanistan, report says

Interesting and disturbing information: Discussing the Muslim Brotherhood

Yemen: U.S. has carried out airstrikes in Yemen - #cnn

Minister: Turks frustrated by EU 'intrigues',7340,L-3963481,00.html

RT @tweetmeme The Daily Star - Politics - Israel scrambles to prevent Ahmadinejads Lebanon visit

Iran direct flights: Iran direct flights to Egypt resumed -
Iran is bent on avenging cyber attack, raising military tensions

Israeli unit behind Iran Nuclear plant attack - The Times of India via @timesofindia
2 Givati soldiers convicted for Cast Lead offense,7340,L-3963106,00.html

RT @tweetmeme - Prosecutors: Imprisoned former CIA spy passed messages to..

A very important question for the weekend

UAE: Police Chief Accuses Israeli Spy Agency of Threats

Japanese PM Naoto Kan warns of China's military rise

Three killed, 50 injured in 'attempted coup' in Ecuador

Analysis: Tensions on the Turkish-Iraqi border via @AddToAny

Norway: Israel-bound subs banned from testing in our waters,7340,L-3962404,00.html