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Friday, October 22, 2010

Terrorism Report: Pakistan Baffles the West While Al-Qaeda Rampages Into Africa Plus Other News

It is my policy here not to link to stories about Wikileaks since I believe it will endanger the lives of the good guys in the war on terror.

News Links:

Unbelievable! U.S. to Give Pakistan $2B in New Military Aid -

Pakistani Troops Linked to Abuses Will Lose U.S. Aid

3 Pakistani ministers to visit Iran

igeldard North African states at risk of being overrun by al-Qaeda - #AQIM

Yemen: Suspected al-Qaida gunmen kill intelligence officer, latest in assassination campaign - The Canadian Pres

RT@httweets:Yemen arrests 5 Pakistanis for promoting Al Qaeda - Hindustan Times

Somali forces kill 27 Shabaab rebels at Kenya border

Somalia fighting near Kenya border kills 16

Finane BBC News - Nigeria militant's brother charged at 'secret hearing'

Russian Government Denies Reports of Serdyukov’s Dismissal

5 al-Qaida suspects detained in Turkey

Egypt's Ruling Party Announces President Mubarak Will Run Again | North Africa | English

EU's Ashton wants rapid reply from Iran on nuclear talks

Venezuelan president arrives in Libya - Taiwan News Online

Haiti president confirms cholera outbreak, 138 dead

Russia prods Iran to hold nuclear talks in November - World - DNA
Williams: NPR was looking for reason to fire him
Osama bin Laden's ex-pilot 'left Al Qaeda because they wouldn't pay healthcare' | Mail Online

Navy, Everett SWAT, Hospitals Conduct Terrorism Drill

12 News Investigation Of Possible Terrorism Plot Sparks Action

BreakingNews Spanish police detain at least 10 suspected members of illegal youth group linked to Basque militants ETA

US deploys second air carrier in Persian Gulf with 60 warplanes

France seeking nuclear energy deals with Libya

Venezuela's Chavez backs return of Golan to Syria

US to keep close eye on Venezuela-Iran energy deals

China Courts Secessionists in Sudan, Breaking a Mold
politicalhound China confirms president's visit to the U.S.