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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Working Double Time to Erase Israel Off the Map Plus More News

PA Chairman Abbas holds up map of "Palestine" that erases Israel

'Hizbullah has 10,000 operatives manning 40,000 missiles'

Mahoul pleads guilty to aiding Hizbullah in plea bargain

Iran urges UN to condemn Israel's 'nuclear weapons'

Report: Islamic Jihad man killed in Gaza,7340,L-3975779,00.html

Hamas to step up executions of collaborators @abcnews

Islamic Jihad: Israel exploited photos,7340,L-3975976,00.html

New oil discovery in Israel « Joel Rosenberg’s Weblog

slkbrooke RT @1ststarfighter @AllianceAlert: *: Christian family in Bangladesh attacked, charged with crime #tcot

Iraq al Qaeda more lethal as homegrown insurgency

RT @news_com_au Six dead in Iraq bombings |

Protesters attack Hariri murder investigators

Israel to boost numbers in Haiti amid cholera outbreak

Israel suspends military drill in Syrian Golan Heights after helicopter crash

France threatened in alleged Bin Laden tape - #cnn

Iran's Businesses Worry in Face of Uncertainty,8599,2027395,00.html

Police in Sudan Aid Muslim’s Effort to Take Over Church Plot

Pakistani Muslims Beat Elderly Christian Couple Unconscious

Police train for possible Mumbai-style terror attack on the streets of Britain | Mail Online
Yemeni journalist on trial for Qaeda with Awlaki links

In Mideast House of Cards, U.S. Views Lebanon as Shaky

Oil-Rich Abyei Part of North, Says Sudan Ruling Party Official |

Yemen recruits tribesmen to hunt al-Qaida

Dozens dead after Indonesian volcano eruption

Saudi terror suspect gets victim status in Polish probe -

blogsofwar RT @evgenymorozov the story about this new tech university opening in North Korea in today's NYT is truly surreal

BBC News - Afghanistan delays ban on private security firms

Anbar Province Once a Hotbed of Iraqi Insurgency, Demands a Say on Resources