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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A World Being Bullied By Jihad and Other News

Disgusting - Al Shabaab execute teenage girls accused of spying

Maldives Non-Muslim Western couple mocked by Muslim "minister" as "infidels" and "swine" at their wedding- Jihad Watch

Egyptian Christians in danger after allegedly allying with Israel

The Venezuelan, Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah Illegal Drugs Connection - Stakelbeck on Terror

Too soft eh! - Yale prof calls terrorism policies unconstitutional

Hezbollah calls on Lebanese to boycott Hariri court

Remote N. Waziristan viewed as the ‘epicenter of terrorism’

Jerusalem_Post 'Muhammad' ranked most popular boys' name in England: Report: Various spellings add up to 7,549 baby boys with the...

Is your Congressman or Senator a 'National Security Failure'?

Disturbing News - IDF: No gas masks for 40% of Israelis in 2012,7340,L-3976482,00.html

RT @jtanews Pa. university pressured to repudiate anti-Israel professor | JTA - Jewish & Israel News

Saudi Prince Urges Ground Zero Mosque Be Moved - ABC News

Biden: Local cops are key to anti-terrorism efforts

Pakistan criminal justice system proves no match for terrorism -