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Monday, November 8, 2010

Al-Qaeda Steps Up Activity in Strongholds Plus Other Terrorism News

Afghan soldier turns weapon on American troops, kills 2

Clinton pleas for patience in Afghanistan

Aussie, Afghan troops kill Taliban leader

ISAFmedia RT @ausdefenceforce: Senior Taliban leader killed in #Afghanistan

Pentagon chiefs: Afghans can manage by 2014

Somaliland Accused Of Aiding Militias Fighting Against Puntland

foxnews Developing Story: U.S. bans all cargo shipments from Somalia #somalia

Inside Yemen's al Qaeda heartland

Yemen minister denies US military role

Awlaki Video Urges Muslims to Kill Americans

Yemen needs aid to fight al Qaeda - foreign minister

After Fatwa, Pastor in Pakistan Beaten With Bricks

Turkey expects to host Iran nuclear talks: Gul

Gates: Threat of force not the only way to deter Iran

Car bombs in Iraqi Shiite cities kill 21

Seven killed in Iraq car bomb blast

Anti-landmine group welcomes Lebanese ban of cluster bombs

UN to indict top Hezbollah commander over Hariri murder

China actions meant as test, Hillary Clinton says

Libya power struggle results in arrest of journalists via @guardian

Qatar security group urges Interpol to expand fight against extremism

EU considers blacklisting unsecure airports

Obama piles more military pressure on Iran - conspicuously

Sudanese official: Islamic Revolution belongs to all oppressed in the World

U.S. Revises Offer to Take Sudan Off Terror List If...