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Thursday, November 18, 2010

China and NATO Obsessed With Cyber Warfare While Russia Deals With Capture of Arms Trader Plus Other News

slkbrooke China modernizing military, 'supports' cyber attacks #tcot

Asia Bizz: China Refuses Allegations of Net Traffic

jacktikva RT @JasmineMaher: China sentences woman to labor camp for Twitter post

slkbrooke Computer virus Stuxnet a 'game changer,' DHS official tells Senate #tcot #security #cyberattacks

ralphmercer NATO mobilises for cyber warfare:

AFP: Russia wants fair trial of suspected arms dealer: minister

AFP: Thailand PM cancels Russia trip, Bout link denied

Russia’s Pipeline Deal With Bulgaria Concerns Europe

AFP: Iran warns against meddling with its Russian ties

VOA | Egypt Rejects US 'Meddling' in Internal Affairs | Middle East | English

U.S. won’t relist North Korea as terrorism sponsor

slkbrooke RT @pepper_10 @filterednews: BBC News - UN pay strike closes Palestinian schools in West Bank

osibox Iran tests local S-300 missile system successfully

F-22 Wreckage Found in Alaska, Pilot Still Missing

BBC series on Rafiq al-Hariri pulled as tension rises in Lebanon via @guardian

The Left's delusion over Islam is baffling to Middle Eastern Christians – Telegraph Blogs

Nigeria Perplexing Move to Take Iran Straight to the UN Security Council