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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Canadian Liberals Defy Wisdom of Prime Minister on Jihadists Plus Other Terrorism news

Canada - Liberals defend meeting terrorist-branded group:

Bomb would have exploded over Canada, data show via @washingtonpost

tahDeetz RT @beachkatie: Moscow to Build 5,000 Bomb Shelters What the heck for ? #news #tcot #mil #sot #hhrs #tlot #ocra

France defends reception of wounded (Christian) Iraqis

China delayed UN report about N.Korea exporting nuclear technology to rogue nations #cnn

Suicide bombing in Pakistan kills 20 -

AFP: Romania eyes extradition of Syrian fugitive

New Details: Hamburg Cell Participation in the Europe Terror Plot

Kurd leader welcomes deal on new Iraqi government

SAS parachute dogs of war into Taliban bases via @guardian

Iraqi Christians welcome in north, Kurdish leader says - #cnn

slkbrooke RT @militaryworld Afghan civilians lead ANSF, ISAF to IED cache #military #warnews

slkbrooke Pakistan officials: Suspected US missiles kill 6 #tcot #military

All top Hizballah commanders face indictment in Hariri murder

Living with hope in a defeated world

S.Korea under pressure to skip Nobel ceremony

And they are into UN Women's Rights -Saudi women conspicuous by Asiad absence - The Times of India via @timesofindia