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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Egypt Deals With Various Interests Plus The Aftermath of North Korean Adventurism & Other Terrorism News

Egypt's ruling party challenges Islamists

The Associated Press: Egypt: 156 detained over Christian riots

Ethiopia Says It Has Evidence That Egypt Supported Rebel Movements - Bloomberg via @BloombergNow

South Korean defense minister resigns following attack via @washingtonpost

China opposes 'provocative' Korean attacks - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

With Limited Options, South Korea Shifts Military Rules

Destruction on island at center of Korean barrage - #cnn

Violence against Christians on the increase, says report

'Pakistan no launch pad for Iran attack'‎
2012 Olympics In London: Major Security Operation Simulating Terror Attack Or Emergency Incident | Sky News

Greek guerrilla group claims parcel bomb attacks,7340,L-3990076,00.html
Report: Possible Sudan war could cost $110 billion via @washingtonpost
Pakistan blasphemy woman's family in hiding

BlogsofWar Public is not realistic about terrorism, Scotland Yard chief says -