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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Intelligence Agencies Tries To Keep Up With Terrorism Activities Plus Other News

To help fight terrorism, Interpol publicizes details of U.S.-bound mail bombs sent from Yemen

AFP: Interpol approves new hi-tech crime centre in Singapore

10,000 Potential Maniacs - How many terrorism tips does the government get every day?

Canada bans mail, cargo from Yemen and Somalia

US knew for years that cargo planes were vulnerable but shippers fought full screening

TheEconomist Sending explosives through the post has a long and murky history #terror #mail #post #economist #terrorism

BBC News - Afghans arrest suspected rebels as flight to Saudi Arabia turned back

Why Yemen Hasn't Hunted Down Terrorist Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki - TIME

Physicists protest colleague's terrorism detention

Wife of terrorism convict pleads guilty; will have to leave U.S. - #cnn

Asia Bibi Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy

U.S. fears terrorism on upswing in Indonesia

Frenchman charged in suspected terrorism case after he travelled to Pakistan-Afghan border

S. Korea Raises Terrorism Alert Level to "Severe" before G-20

Hamas admits 600-700 of its men were killed in Cast Lead

slkbrooke George W. Bush: waterboarding saved London from attacks #tcot

CBC News - World - Most Afghans back peace talks with Taliban: poll

Spy Flap Lets Tbilisi Make Russia Look Foolish