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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is Britain Giving Up on Fighting Jihadists? Plus More News on the War on terror

Victory over al Qaeda 'unnecessary,' top British general says - #cnn

Karzai wants U.S. to reduce military operations in Afghanistan via @washingtonpost

Five NATO troops killed as Afghanistan violence soars

RT @australian North Korean nuclear scientist, Kim So-in, sent to labour camp for 'spying' | The A..

Mexico hotel blast kills 4 Canadians, 2 Mexicans,7340,L-3984557,00.html

Passenger flights from Yemen to Germany to resume after terror scare - #cnn

Army Strikes Suspected Al-Qaeda Positions in North Yemen - Yemen Post English Newspaper Online

Radical cleric arrested in Lebanon after shootout, government says - #cnn

Muslim Attackers Kill Six Christians in Nigeria « Persecution News

New electronic sensor `better than sniffer dogs` at detecting bombs

BBC News - Taliban insurgents attack Jalalabad Nato base

CAIR Pushes To Exempt Muslims From Airport Body Scans AND Pat Downs