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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Obama's War on Terror Policies Takes A Beating Locally and Abroad Plus Related News

Analysis: Assertive Karzai bewilders allies via @washingtonpost

Daniel Popeo: The ACLU is courting terrorism and disaster | Washington Examiner

Terror Verdict Tests Obama’s Strategy on Detainees

Not a good strategy - In Afghanistan, U.S. Turns 'Malignant Actor' Into Ally -

Case Shows Rise of Non-Bank Transfers to Fund Terror -

MI5 agent accused over the torture of a terror suspect Binyam Mohamed will not face court -

'PA detains Hamas members planning J'lem bombing'

6-Year-Old Killed in Latest Attack against Christians in Iraq (

USRealityCheck Nigerian troops rescue hostages: Nigerian troops free 19 hostages - including seven foreigners - seized by m... bbc

slkbrooke U.S. motorcycle missionaries attacked in Haiti #tcot #Christian

Anti-terror squad raids suspected terrorist's house | The Jakarta Post

Authorities mount manhunt for escaped Fatah al-Islam prisoner - The Daily Star - Politics

slkbrooke TSA Administrator: 'No Exceptions' to Full Body Pat Downs--For Religious or Any Other Reasons -CNS News #tcot #TSA