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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sad Stories of a Radicalized Girl, Ink Bombers of the Persecuted Ones and Other Terrorism News

Radical Muslim girl who stabbed British MP gets life sentence while judge cursed by jihad supporters

British Jihadist student who stabbed MP Stephen Timms: Police Interview Transcript

BBC News - Student smiled before stabbing me, says MP Timms

'Dry Run' For Package Bombs May Have Taken Place In September

Plotters didn't know where mail bombs would go off

Ink bomb fanatics in UK and still plotting

French claim that Yemen cargo bomb was 'about to explode' dismissed via @guardian

BBC News - Greek police destroy letter bomb sent to French embassy

Oklahoma Bans Sharia Law

Doc's Talk: Is Islam Really the Second-Fastest Growing Religion?

RT @tweetmeme Persecution in Burma caught on camera (

Court to decide whether Christian couple can foster children because they disapprove of homosexuality

PKK Splinter Group Admits Istanbul Bombing

Yemen car bomb kills 2, injures 23 - #cnn

slkbrooke British "Global Peace & Unity" Event Featured Items Glorifying Terror #tcot

Egypt finds 13 Gaza tunnels used by smugglers

Egypt worried over refugee exodus to South Sudan

BBC News - Saudi Arabia's shadowy connection

Dobroyeutro Is India using Obama visit for Headley's extradition? (via @vickynanjappa) // #Obama #India #Headley #Shapoo #NIA

U.S. Firm to Handle Embassy Expansion in Kabul

Navy asks Congress to buy both LCS designs - Navy News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Navy Times

v_shakthi Android 'MoodTracker' catches Pentagon's attention

USRealityCheck US embassy accused of spying in Norway, Oslo demands answers: OSLO — Norway has demanded an explanation ... raw #US