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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Strange Moves from Repressive Regimes and other War on Terror News

Iranian Legislators Query Cash-For-Karzai

Really Now - Taliban call on US to send fact-finding team to Afghanistan

Iraq - Al Qaeda Plot Involved Sewing Bombs Inside Dogs --

Vietnamese Government “Military wiping Operation”

Russia accuses Georgia of provocation over arrest of 'spies' - Telegraph

Sweden says the US has carried out secret surveillance without telling Swedish authorities

Vienna group should make the first move, Iran says

France: Nations united on update for uranium offer to Iran

Top charities give £200,000 to group which supported al-Qaeda cleric

Iran suggests new nuclear talks be held in Turkey

Toll from Indonesia volcanic eruptions rises to 135 - The Times of India

Islamic hard-liners protest Obama's upcoming visit to Indonesia

US drone strikes kill nine militants in Pakistan

BBC News - Western states dismiss Burma's election

Somali government calls 20,000 more troops

In Jordan's election campaign, anger at Israel and fears of fallout from peace deadlock

Muslim Brotherhood calls for boycott of Jordanian elections

Sudan investigates Darfur radio station for working with rebels and international court

RT @httweets US sends drones to hunt for Al Qaeda in Yemen - Hindustan Times
San Diego religious leader among those charged with aiding Somali terrorists - via @sdut