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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The US Makes Slight Security Procedures Plus More Terrorism News

AP Exclusive: Color-coded terror alerts may end via @washingtonpost

Pentagon Report Cites Gains in Afghanistan
slkbrooke Cabinet secretaries, top congressional leaders & exclusive senior US officials are exempt from screenings #tcot #TSA

FBI taps former aviator to run big explosives lab

EGYPT: One protester killed, dozens injured and arrested in Coptic clashes with police | Los Angeles Times

Hindu Radicals Attack Christians As Police Watch « Persecution News
Armenia, Syria interested in the further reinforcement of bilateral ties

Ethiopia PM warns against "ghastly" Sudan war

Daily Times - Jordan PM shuffles cabinet ahead of new parliament

AFP: General, five others killed in Iraq attacks

Suicide Car Bomb Strikes Shiites in Yemen -
Turkey concerned over missile shield - via @upi_top
UK-based Taliban spend months fighting Nato forces in Afghanistan via @guardian

AFP: Belgium charges nine over terrorist links
Surprise! AFP: Medvedev warns of Soviet-era 'stagnation'
IslamBlog UK: Family of Jihadist wants tougher action

angryinfidel UN: Islamic countries force resolution not to condemn killings due to sexual orientation:

ynetnews #israel Egypt's Christians protest over church construction:
2 more Muslim Brotherhood members arrested