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Friday, November 5, 2010

Weird and Espionage News: Google Maps Could Start a War and Russian Spies Anger Georgia Plus Other News

----------------- Weird -------------------------

Britain Signs 'Treaty Between Nations' with Palestine – Palestine is not yet official recognized as a “nation”

Man in Disguise Boards International Flight --

Google Maps border becomes part of international dispute - #cnn

IslamBlog From the Net: Muslim hate preacher Abu Hamza allowed to keep British passport

----------------- Espionage -------------------------

Russian Foreign Ministry calls spy scandal in Georgia farce

Report: Lebanon says Israel erecting 21 spy posts along its border

RT @tpmmedia: Feds Say 'Rogue Navy SEAL' Smuggled Iraqi Machine Guns

----------------- Other News -------------------------
Saudi prince rules out engagement with Israel until Arab land is returned via @washingtonpost

PA gives US 2 more weeks to get direct talks restarted

Lebanon probes attack on U.N. court investigators

Bill Clinton: Abbas ‘made clear’ he would accept peace terms
Iran denies receiving offer for nuclear fuel exchange,7340,L-3980179,00.html