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Friday, December 17, 2010

France Increases Lebanon Aid to deter Possible Hezbollah Attack Plus More Terrorism News

France to supply Lebanon with 100 anti-tank missiles via @Jerusalem_Post

AFP: France makes cash injection to Lebanon tribunal

Hizballah shops for defense council in London, caves in on UN tribunal

The Daily Star - Politics - Iraq says Lebanon indictment to be delayed

It's for India, Pakistan to resolve terrorism, Kashmir: China

Channel 6 News » Al-Qaeda suspect wanted for USS Cole attack is alive in Yemen

AFP: US says Sudan must halt air attacks on south

Mullen: Taliban hideouts can be shut down via @washingtonpost

Iraq Arrests 80 Suspects Accused of Plotting Ashura Attacks - BusinessWeek

Vietnamese Authorities Demolish Home, Church Headquarters

An Afghan Christian in prison simply because of his faith

Trial is next chapter in clash between Turkey's Muslim leaders, secular elite via @washingtonpost

Attacks kill 7 Yemeni troops, officials say - #cnn

Vietnam Officials Beat Pastor, Bulldoze Bible School « Persecution News

Four Algerian Christians Sentenced to Prison « Persecution News

Filipino kidnapper gets 23 years for '95 abduction via @Jerusalem_Post

Stockholm bomber denounced by father-in-law via @washingtonpost

The Associated Press: UN raps Sweden for deporting Iraqi Christians

AFP: Gambia denies it was intended recipient of Iran arms