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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hamas Still Hates Israel While Giving Away Chocolates Plus Other Related News

slkbrooke Hamas hands out chocolate to raise support in Gaza via @Jerusalem_Post #tcot

Palestinians warn Israeli settlers: ‘Over our dead bodies’ via @Jerusalem_Post

Russia to step up efforts towards Middle East peace

France/Syria/Lebanon/Middle East peace process

(Israeli) Bill: Terror suspects won't see lawyers for 6 months,7340,L-3998424,00.html

slkbrooke Europe threatens to recognise Palestinian state - The Telegraph #tcot

Europe (and the rest of the world) Should Follow the Roman Road Instead

Knesset members suspected or convicted of terror won't receive pension or salary,7340,L-3998675,00.html

'Include issue of Jewish refugees from Arab lands in talks' via @Jerusalem_Post

Ayalon: Israel not to blame for failed peace talks via @Jerusalem_Post

Peres: Time running out on peace,7340,L-3998851,00.html

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