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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Intensified Terrorism Battle in Pakistan Plus Other Terror Reports

Pakistan, Musharraf: Former President Warns The Nation's Army May Intervene In Politics Again

LizzieViolet BreakingNews: U.S. drone strike kills 2 British al-Qaida members in Pakistan - UKPA

Muslims in Pakistan Burn, Beat Evangelist Unconscious « Persecution News

RickWarren Even those running from God unconsciously long to connect with him because without God life has no meaning or hope.

Arlington man charged with terror threat - The Washington Post

Same hand behind Stockholm and Time Square bombings

Bicycle bomb kills 3 civilians, wounds 6 in south Afghanistan

RT @australian Fears of nuclear test in North Korea | The Australian

Flogged 53 times ‘for wearing trousers’

Stockholm bomber’s wife and children are victims too, says grandfather - Telegraph via @Telegraph