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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is it Hezbollah or the Lebanese Army? Plus More News on Terrorism

The Daily Star - Line blurry between Hizbullah, Army - US congresswoman
The Daily Star - Al-Qaeda-linked militant group urges Lebanon's Sunnis to rise up against government, Hizbullah

Terrorism expert: Radicalization can begin on Internet
AFP: Saudi ex-Qaeda militant urges group to renounce violence
WikiLeaks Site Kicked Off Amazon Servers -

slkbrooke White House creates Leak Czar #tcot

Report: Homeland Security Compiling TSA Enemies List: via @NewAmericanMag

Pace of fight against terrorism 'relentless,' U.S. official says - #cnn

Pakistan army’s strategic depth policy blamed for Afpak terrorism - Baltimore Foreign Policy |
intelwire Al-Qaeda 'wanted to attack Saudi capital' claims former regional chief - Adnkronos Security #Intelwire
Burundi Sends 850 Peacekeeping Soldiers to Somalia, Agence France Reports - Bloomberg
Iraq arrests 39 Al-Qaeda suspects | Herald Sun

AFP: 11 dead as as Islamist factions fight in Somalia

AFP: UN negotiating Sudan peacekeeping force increase: envoy

BlogsofWar Mystery Somali mercenary army concerns Obama administration - Salon