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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Israeli Enemies Bring Weapons, Shout Curses and Burn Sheep Plus Other Related News

'Egypt seizes Gaza-bound anti-aircraft missiles in Sinai' via @Jerusalem_Post

Elder of Ziyon: Turks scream "Death to Israel" at Mavi Marmara ceremony

Daled Amos: Palestinian Farmer Who Accused Israelis Of Burning His Sheep--Did It Himself

Israeli navy tracks ship carrying aid for Gaza
Canada Joins Israel on Boycotting UN Conference Against Racism

Report: Hamas torturing 250 Eritreans in Egypt,7340,L-4005541,00.html

More than 19,000 Jews move to Israel in 2010 - Haaretz

Abbas Fatah faction bans former leader from meetings

IDF kills Palestinian trying to place explosives in Gaza,7340,L-4005844,00.html
Muqata 20 passengers on train, mostly lightly injured. Mostly smoke inhalation.
U.S. may delay aid for Israel's anti-rocket system due to budget woes - Haaretz
US, Germany `deeply concerned` about Russian tycoon`s `illegal` conviction

Iran hangs man convicted of spying for Israel via @Jerusalem_Post
Palestinians: Obama no longer backs Palestinian state within 1967 borders