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Sunday, December 19, 2010

South Korea and North Korea Plays a Game of Who Will Blink First

S. Korea to hold firing drills despite N. Korea threat via @Jerusalem_Post

S.Korea to carry out live-fire drills on Monday-TV

U.S. to take part in South Korea live-fire drill - Korea - Stripes

Russia urges South Korea to cancel artillery drill plans | The Salt Lake Tribune

VOA | UN Security Council in Emergency Talks on Korean Tensions | News | English

China Stalls UN Efforts as South Korea Prepares Drill - Bloomberg via @BloombergNow

Residents of South Korean island fleeing ahead of military drills - #cnn

South Korea island residents told to move to bunkers | Reuters

Richardson: North Korea offers to return remains of U.S. troops - #cnn

BBC News - China fisherman dies in clash with S Korea coast guard