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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stalemate in Middle East Agreement is Talk of the Town Plus More News in Israel

Germany "very concerned" at stalemate in Mideast talks - Monsters and Critics

U.S. does not, will not condone Israel's settlement activity, official says - Haaretz

Palestinians question U.S. ability to forge peace

Palestinian Authority arresting student leaders, Islamic activists tied to Hamas

Security Cabinet approves expanding Gaza merchandise exports,7340,L-3996196,00.html

Peres criticizes petition banning sale of land to non-Jews via @Jerusalem_Post

Hundreds protest against rabbis' letter,7340,L-3996504,00.html

ynetnews #israel US House of Reps sends condolences to fire victims' families:

J'lem, Turkey may find resolution to flotilla legal issues via @Jerusalem_Post

Israeli wounded as Gaza militants launch mortar shells into Negev - Haaretz

Why the need for a mediator?

Latvia: Swastikas spray-painted on 100 Jewish gravestones,7340,L-3996486,00.html

WEST BANK: Israel expels Hamas lawmaker Muhammad Abu Tir from East Jerusalem | Babylon & Beyond | Los Angeles Times

PA journalists support author of Western Wall report

Eco-tourism on the rise in Israel via @Jerusalem_Post

HR Watch condemns Jordanian for refusing to serve Israelis via @Jerusalem_Post