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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

US Espionage Lose Sleep Over Terror Threats Plus Other News

White House admits national intelligence chief was left in the dark about UK terrorism arrests | Mail Online

Attorney General Eric Holder: Threat of Homegrown Terrorism "Keeps Me Up At Night": via @cbsnews

Senator to unveil finding of Scotland's release of Pan Am bomber - #cnn

Pakistan drone strikes: the CIA's secret war - Channel4 News

Police say spy died long before body found - Taiwan News Online

AFP: US lawmaker urges France not sell Lebanon arms

ngomonitor Hezbollah impunity continues. Lebanon tries to quash UN investigation. @HRW doesn't care. #israel #humanrights

The Associated Press: Dubai court slashes sentences in Chechen slaying

AFP: Iraq town cancels Christmas festivities after Qaeda threats
Venezuela opposition slams "coup d'etat" by Chavez

AFP: Saudi deportations to Mogadishu inhumane: HRW

China to Increase Coal Imports from Russia, Interfax Reports - Bloomberg

No Russian company left Armenia, RF Premier says

The Associated Press: Oil minister: Iraq's oil production sees increase