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Monday, December 6, 2010

Wikileaks Should Now Be Considered as a Terrorist Organization

This one just takes the cake for Wikileaks. I have seen activists and Wikileaks is not in the peaceful category as they say they are. By publishing the critical infrastructure for America (which affects the rest of the world too), Wikileaks should now be considered as a terrorist organization!

I was thinking before writing this commentary if Wikileaks should just be classified as just a terrorist front or supporter but after some reflection, I think they are not but are the terrorists themselves. Wikileaks endangered soldiers and intelligence personnel fighting the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then it endangered diplomats in various American embassies around the world. Diplomats help countries solve complex problems in the world without resorting to war. With their thoughts and suggestions now out into the world, these diplomats become a target and ties up the diplomatic hand in crucial talks. Governments become suspicious of one another and a peaceful way of solving things is limited. Now is this the work of a peace activist?

Yesterday, it published list of critical infrastructure which when hit by terrorist will cripple society as we know it. It will hit energy, communications and even the health industry. In short it will hit the public themselves. So Wikileaks are now endangering soldiers, diplomats and now the common people! Isn’t this the work which can be classified as evil.

Al-Qaeda due to financial problems has changed its strategy and it is inciting home grown terrorism through the internet. It fires up the belly of radicalized Muslims to attack people. In this way Wikileaks helps Al-Qaeda. The terrorists provide training and motivation while Wikileaks provide the intelligence and the targets.

Jihadists also want to impose Sharia law and certain elements of its regulations are against the modern world. By taking out certain infrastructure which are essential for our modern world, Wikileaks is also helping the former in this global objective as well.

Media outlets who partnered with Wikileaks and who are the first ones to receive these data should also be classified as aiding terrorism because if not for them such information will not spread that fast. Those government personnel who gave these data to Wikileaks should be considered as terrorists as well.

By endangering the public not in the US but all over the world with this list of infrastructure Wikileaks (not just Assange but the whole organization) should now be treated as a enemy combatanst. Any one who supports and donate money to Wikileaks should also realize they are aiding global terrorism.