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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arabs Prefer Israeli Citizenship But Nations and Media Are Anti-Semitic Plus Other Related News

Tutu’s Stance On Israel Drawing Opposing Petition Campaigns : NewsTime : South Africa

Interesting - TIME magazine savages Israel -- again / Right Turn

Norway's FM slams Lieberman over NGO remarks

Jewish-British anti-Muslim event in Toronto draws protests, arrests - Haaretz

Spain denies sponsoring Palestinian ad to boycott Israel

Israel blacklists 163 foreign charities suspected of supporting terrorism - Haaretz

Egypt warns Hamas on Gaza fire at Israel: sources

Next Israeli-Arab War Could Begin In Beirut | AVIATION WEEK

AFP: Gaza situation 'very dangerous,' Arabs tell Hamas

Palestinian fails in bid to win control of settlement

Israel to expand construction in West Bank settlements - Ahram Online

AFP: Israel's Lieberman heads to Greece for rare visit

slkbrooke Palestinians cease peace talks with Israel #tcot

exposingthelie3 "U.S. to store more military equipment in Israel - #ireport Obama "end of time" Bush prophecy christian God CNN

IDFSpokesperson Overnight, 4 wanted Palestinians were arrested for suspected terror activity in the West Bank

Government allots $100M to Birthright,7340,L-4012298,00

Asian infiltrators stop by Israel en route to Canada,7340,L-4012548,00.html