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Thursday, January 20, 2011

China Sets Its Sight on Israeli Tech As Countries Continue to be Mesmerized on Jerusalem Issue

Chinese academics here to learn about Israeli innovation

In Mideast, Medvedev Vows War and Peace | News | The Moscow Times

India asks Israel, Palestine to resume direct talks

PA draft resolution: Declare settlements illegal,7340,L-4016407,00.html

PM: Israel will work to disconnect Gaza from power grid

UN met only 52% of target for Palestinian aid in 2010

IDF: Death of Bil'in woman caused by poor medical care in Ramallah - Haaretz
'Suspicious package' found at Israeli bank in New York is safe | Mail Online

Hamas Member Convicted of Assassinating Abbas Released

Labor Unrest in Israel’s Foreign Service Is Felt in Capitals Around the Globe

Sonia Peres, president's wife, dies at 87 in TA

The Canadian Press: Palestinian Islamic court forcibly divorces West Bank couple after declaring them 'apostates'