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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dark Picture Forming in Egypt As Muslim Brotherhood Links With Hamas and Secular Leader El-Baradei to Consolidate Power in 6th Day of Protests

Now this is Disturbing in Cairo - Anger starting to focus on Israel, US

Muslim Brotherhood Announces They Will Support El-Baradei | The Gateway Pundit

Radicals silently waiting - The Egyptian Unrest: STRATFOR

VIOLENCE IS RISING BECAUSE THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD : Dynamic in Egypt is rapidly changing « Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

Muslim Brotherhood has big head start

Hamas entering Egypt collaborating with Muslim Brotherhood

Hamas closes Gaza's southern border | World news | The Guardian

Egypt shuts Gaza border as militants break out of jail | News by Country | Reuters

ynetnews #israel Egyptian police arrest over 1,000 escaped convicts:

Revolution in Egypt? And Could Jordan Be Next? - By Joel C. Rosenberg - The Corner - National Review Online

China Steps Up Web Censorship in Wake of Egypt Protests -

Egyptian Police Redeploying | STRATFOR

Egypt May Risk Bank Run as Uprising Against Mubarak Regime Hits Economy - Bloomberg

Mubarak hangs on to power as Obama dictates terms. But for how long?

Egypt protests: Tourists warned not to leave hotels - Telegraph

Egypt Bans Aljazeera